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Nous ressentons avant de penser!

Intelligence émotionnelle In 1995, Daniel Goleman’s book « Emotional Intelligence » popularized self-awareness as one of the most sought-after skills for determining professional or personal success.

Research tells us that the higher you rise within an organization, the more crucial it becomes to hone your ability to perceive, control and evaluate feelings and emotions, your own and others. It is precisely these abilities that are essential for clear thinking. Emotional intelligence affects everyone’s performance at all levels of their personal or professional life.

🔴 Exercise to awaken your emotional intelligence

1. During the first phase, put yourself in “I don’t judge” mode through your words, the tone of your voice and your attitude. You must apply this mode towards your interlocutor and towards yourself.

Why is this so important? The fact that your words are neutral in relation to yourself will automatically be reflected on others. I know it’s not easy, because our society pushes us to almost instantly put labels on the people we meet. However, in order to feel the benefits of this exercise, it is essential to apply it to the letter, even if it means forcing yourself! Neither your attitude, nor your words, nor your tone should attack, criticize or judge.

2. The second step consists of talking to a person you meet during your day. It doesn’t matter if you know her or not. During this exchange, make sure to have a dialogue taking into account her emotions. How do you feel like you’re on the right track? Your interlocutor must become the main actor in the exchange. He must have the leading role, which gives him more speaking time and movement. Having the lead role means he’s the star! At this moment, take into account what the person is feeling, so as to enrich the dialogue, to elevate them. By cultivating this type of dialogue, you elevate yourself. Elevating yourself to see better is the central idea of ​​the exercise!

By training your emotional quotient, you will then be able to distinguish what is essential to act. Take the example of the hot air balloon that rises to better see the sunrise. This flying machine is remarkable because it allows 360° visibility.

🔴 Give yourself this visibility, you will be even more clairvoyant

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